How can we internalise decision-making for real time marketing results?The In-house Marketing Modeling approach


With the evolution of MarTech capabilities and the rise of data analytics teams, more and more brands are confidently bringing marketing measurement solutions in-house for faster, stronger and more impactful results. 

Our "In-house Marketing Modelling'' approach responds to growing industry demand for a deeper understanding of how marketing campaign success directly impacts cross-functional teams, and ultimately business revenue. No longer are marketers dependent on 6-month old models and long technical conversations in order to plan for future investments. By bringing advanced marketing modelling ‘in-house,’ brands unlock adaptable optimisation that’s based on understandable, actionable data insights for real-time marketing success with a proven impact on business revenue. 

An in-house marketing analytics approach enables brands to quickly respond to customer demands and the evolving marketplace, giving marketers a competitive advantage in:  

  • Maintaining control of both enterprise marketing data and third-party partner  data (e.g. Google, Meta, Media Agency, etc.) with a custom build a marketing data platform, 

  • Enhancing decision-making through automation and machine learning for a truly proactive marketing strategy,

  • Fostering greater stakeholder understanding of marketing analytics evolution over time with "always on" models customised to the in-depth business knowledge of internal marketing teams. 

fifty-five’s In-house Marketing Modelling e-book details how taking back marketing data directly impacts future business success.


+ Reasons why brands should in-house marketing measurement
+ The enterprise-level benefits and key success factors of in-housing marketing measurement
+ The necessary prerequisites for successfully bringing advanced marketing data models in-house for understandable and customised insights
+ Concrete in-house marketing modelling use cases from global brands
+ Step-by-step explanation of the in-housing process for proven success


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