Building a digital marketing roadmap to the post-cookie era - Part 1 : Where do we stand?


Over the past few years, digital marketing has relied on first- and third-party cookies. However, cookies and other existing tracker usage are facing growing limitations from regulators, tech players, and users themselves who are moving towards a world where individuals’ privacy is better respected.

This has made it mandatory to redefine online data collection, activation, and measurement while meeting users’ expectations for more privacy. 

At fifty-five, we help brands answer the numerous questions arising with this new post-cookie era and prepare them for a smooth transition. 

To help you solve those complex issues, we’ve gathered our analysis and experience in this two-part guidebook paper.

This first part's objective is to: 

+  Understand the new post-cookie and privacy-safe digital world

+  Identify how this new marketing landscape being shaped will impact the deployment and performances of current marketing use cases

+  Case studies of companies who have mastered the new privacy context to prepare the future

Our second part details our analysis of the emerging ecosystem and recommendations to help you build your privacy-first strategy.


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