Building a digital marketing roadmap to the post-cookie era - Part 2: Stay in the driver's seat


Over the past few years, digital marketing has relied on first- and third-party cookies. With growing limitations from regulators, tech players and users, the digital landscape has been redefined, arising numerous questions about this new post-cookie era. 

After reading our first part of our guidebook on how to get ready for the post-cookie era, you are now familiar with which part of your audiences and activities is to be most impacted, and you find yourself confronted with an overwhelming number of solutions promising to solve your concerns. 

There will not be a one-size-fits-all solution, and not all alternatives are actually workable. So you should first be able to understand which solutions solve which problem, to what extent, and how much trust you should have in them. The next step will be to see how to build a consistent blend. 

To help you solve those complex issues, we’ve gathered our analysis and experience in this two-part guidebook paper.

This second part's objective is to: 

+  Identify and understand what the new solutions on the market are for and how they can help overcome new data collection, activations and measurement limitations

+  Kick off your transition into the post cookie era and identify the key steps and best practices depending on your specific context

Find our first part on the post-cookie and privacy-safe digital world, which detailed the new marketing landscape and how to kick off your transition.


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