Building a digital roadmap to the post-cookie era - Part 3: Future proof your marketing strategy with Google Ads solutions


Over the past few years, digital marketing has relied on firts and third-party cookies.
However, cookies and other existing trackers usage are facing growing limitations from regulators, tech players, and users themselves. This has made redefining online data collection, activations, and measurement mandatory, all while answering users’ expectations for more privacy.

At fifty-five, we help brands answer the numerous questions arising with this new post-cookie era and prepare them for a smooth transition. We prepared two previous e-books to help build a digital marketing roadmap to face the post-cookie era, which you can find here and here.

But as we’re getting closer to a cookieless world, getting more into details of how to get your stack future proof would be a significant help for the ecosystem. We partnered with Google to create this new e-book on Building a digital roadmap to the post-cookie era - Part 3: Future-proof your marketing strategy with Google Ads solutions. 


To manage this crucial digital transition both Marketing and Data Protection teams must work closely together. Data Protection Teams are essential to this process, enabling their organization to embrace 1st party data, data modeling, server side tracking, and privacy-driven targeting over a very short period. 

This transition won’t be a walk in the park: you will need to understand new consumer expectations about privacy, assess your existing marketing stack, upgrade your skills and processes, and evaluate the compliance and business value of all up-and-coming innovations. 

To start this journey, you will find in this ebook strategic advice to improve your existing Google Stack, master Google innovations and focus on the best Google tools for your digital and data maturity. 

This ebook will focus on:

  • Data privacy expectations from consumers call for a complete marketing landscape reshape
  • Which parts of your Google stacks will come reinforced, and which need adaptations
  • How can you build a privacy-ready organization?
  • How Google solutions can help you pave the way to post-cookie marketing?
  • Success stories from advertisers moving ahead in the post-cookie era

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