What if the next big thing was already available for your business?

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SyMAP: The new Generative AI Flow Builder by fifty-five

SyMAP, a user-friendly tool developed by fifty-five, enables easy exploration of GenAI's potential by allowing users to drag and drop functions from 14 business-grade models, create new Gen AI applications effortlessly, test ideas in a secure sandbox, compare model accuracy, quality, and cost, as well as collaborate more efficiently by saving and sharing projects with a team.

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Reinventing the grocery shopping experience in thirty days with Gemini AI 

In a dynamic one-month collaboration, fifty-five, Chronodrive, and Mealz, embarked on a transformative journey, leveraging Google's groundbreaking LLM, Gemini, to enhance the Chronodrive client experience.


Generative AI at fifty-five

With Generative AI now set to become part of everyday life in the near future, fifty-five can help your company adopt the technology and adapt it to your needs. While artificial intelligence only recently emerged as a global trend, we have been steadily implementing AI solutions for ourclients since our creation in 2010. Through these projects, fifty-five has determined a methodology to ensure a successful implementation and identified six concrete use cases, all presenting immediate opportunities for digital marketing success. Our team of experts has developed functional prototypes of demonstrated potential for each of these use cases.

To discover the potential of Gen AI for fast business transformation, get in touch with us and find our resources below, from Webinar replays to in-depth articles.


The six use cases of Generative AI 


Data Analytics

Data is central to agile decision-making within any company. For better KPI visibility, queries, dashboards, and graphics creations are par for the course, but such processes can require prolonged back-and-forth between teams.
Here, fifty-five applies Gen AI to translate natural language into SQL queries and graphs within seconds.


Data Intelligence

Between our current “big data” era and increased cloud capabilities, vast amounts of data can be stored – for better or worse.
With our Gen AI solution, you can now sort out useful data from the useless, as fifty-five’s tool identifies relevant patterns for you.


Change Management

Using Gen AI to facilitate the adoption of new tools within your organization, this solution provides on-demand support, training, and resource access. The Libsearch engine extracts and summarizes findings from internal and external databases to provide a fully interactive library, FAQ, and “ask me anything” function.


Media Campaign Taxonomy

To ensure accurate marketing campaign reporting, which tend to feature errors and could thus lead to incorrect decisions, this fifty-five tool finds mistakes in taxonomy, proposes corrections, and allows constant monitoring for optimal media strategies.


Product Feed Improvement

Following a similar process, fifty-five deploys Gen AI to product feed files to correct, complete, and harmonize their content; this application allows every item to be properly referenced, thus ensuring its availability to potential customers on appropriate channels, improving digital sales in the process.


Content Production

Part of the Brandtech group, Pencil can create short video ads for web marketing campaigns in just a few clicks. After uploading your logos and graphic resources, write a brief like you would for a creative agency (message, audience targeted, etc.), then select a channel, i.e., TikTok or Instagram. Pencil will generate a tailored web campaign based on your input, which you can edit as needed for a perfect fit.