The Potential of Generative AI for Accelerated Business Transformation


About the Webinar

Is Generative AI worth the hype? It’s hard to know when emerging technology is truly going to be a game-changer for your business. At fifty-five, we firmly believe in the potential of GenAI to revolutionize marketing and drive business success. That's why we've teamed up with The Brandtech Group, a leading global authority on GenAI, to share expert guidance on navigating this quickly evolving landscape.

Whether you're an experienced marketer seeking to gain a competitive edge or just beginning to explore the possibilities of Generative AI, this webinar is designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools needed to propel your business forward with confidence and innovation.

What You Can Expect:

  • Understand the evolution of Generative AI and its impact on modern marketing practices
  • Get practical tips for managing the risks associated with GenAI adoption and establishing comprehensive GenAI policies within your organization
  • Discover how fifty-five’s GenAI solutions seamlessly integrate into the marketer's journey, optimizing efficiency and driving tangible results at every stage
Rebecca Headshot

Rebecca Sykes

Partner at The Brandtech Group

Rebecca Sykes is spearheading emerging tech at the world's #1 Gen AI marketing company, The Brandtech Group, with special focus on how Gen AI impacts ethics, bias, and sustainability. Her ability to bring clarity to immensely complex topics has enabled brands worldwide to embrace Gen AI safely and ethically. 

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Robin Clayton Headshot

Robin Clayton

Managing Director at fifty-five

Robin Clayton brings more than 16 years of experience in accompanying brands in their digital transformation. She leads the U.S. practice of fifty-five, a global data and martech consultancy, where she is responsible for the overall business and building up a data consulting practice in the US market. 

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Dustin Stewart Headshot BW 4

Dustin Stewart

Data Science Consulting Lead at fifty-five

Dustin is a seasoned Data Science and Engineering consultant based in California, specializing in machine learning and systems automation. His diverse background in the CPG, retail, and entertainment industries offers a unique blend of experience that helps drive innovative marketing solutions through data.

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